PleurX catheter system makes your life easier

PleurX catheter is a pleural drainage system. What happens when your pleural space becomes plugged and contaminated with different things that should not be in it, like blood, fluid or air? – You need to drain those things out of that space with a catheter in order breathe normally. People who have experienced those problems know how hard it is to spend time in hospitals fighting for each breath.

PleurX catheters are said to resolve many problems for patients who have some kind of condition which requires pleural catheter drainage. In the past, you had to stay in the hospital to have your pleural space drained, but thanks to PleurX catheter you can do that at home now.

Before you get your own PleurX catheter system, you need to undergo a minor surgery to get a chest tube inserted. This procedure will prepare you for catheter drainage and further usage of the catheter.

When you buy PleurX catheter system, you will get everything you need to start drainage process by yourself. Make sure to consult your doctor or patrol nurse when you want to start using the PleurX catheters on your own, they will explain everything you need to know about the process, and teach you how to properly use the catheter.

PleurX catheter placement video


These catheters have brought the revolution into lives of many patients with problems which require pleural drainage; the quality of their lives has significantly improved due to the PleurX catheter.

This system is quite easy to use at home. You will need a basic PleurX set if you want to do the drainage on your own. This set features; the drainage set with a 500 or 1000 ml bottle and PleurX procedure pack in which you will get a valve replacement cap, foam pad, gloves, 4 alcohol tissues and gauze. You do not have to use a procedure pack every time, only when you want to clean your dressing.
First you have to make sure that your hands are thoroughly washed. Valve is one of the most important parts of the PleurX catheter system. You need to close the valve completely and keep it clean each time you want to change the bottle. You ought to be very careful with touching different parts of the set, open and touch only those parts you will be using, because all the parts of the set have previously been sterilized by ethylene oxide. Before you start changing the bottle, the drainage clam should be fully closed. You have to turn the valve cap in order to remove it from the valve. The valve should be cleaned with alcohol tissues before you use it.

After that you have to connect the PleurX catheter valve with the drainage line (first you have to take the plastic sleeve off the line). You might feel the valve snapping when you have successfully connected it to the drainage line. The drainage bottle is closed by some sort of a plunger, you have to use it to create vacuum inside the bottle. When vacuum is created you can release the clamp and drainage will start.

PleurX catheter system will make your life easier; you will have more freedom than you normally would if you had to stay in the hospital. Once you have mastered the technique of changing your catheter bottles and changing the dressing on your own, everything will be simpler.
PleurX catheter is state of the art drainage system which has been used in hospitals and at home. Many doctors have used it, so why shouldn’t you?

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